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Rugs and Carpeting: Improving your Hardwood Floor Hardwood floors right at this moment are on trend in home decor as well as carpeting. Having a carpet in a home with a hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages. Area rugs, carpet runners and outdoor rugs are the most popular ones. Area rugs are the most handy type of carpeting. This type of rug can be used in rooms with floors that are hardwood, linoleum or tiled to give some color or to attract an area together. Say, placing some chairs together with a coffee table over a huge area of the rug making it more distinct and conversational space in a room. If you have tile or stone floors, bigger rugs can be very useful during the colder months in order for your feet not to get as chilled when you get out of the bed in the morning. Another kind of carpeting that is very usable are carpet runners. They come in several different lengths, styles and colors. This type of carpet can be used in a long hallway to give accent to the area and also on the stairs to help with the grip. Another great place to use a carpet runner is on the dining room where it will support you show off your dining table. Carpet runners can be really of help in carpeting your stairs. It is the place where people often go and collect dirt easily which is more obvious on wooden stairs than it does on areas that are carpeted. It will certainly make this area look better with a carpet runner on it and it will be much easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, it will be safer for a home to put a carpet in the stairs, and as long as the carpet is installed right, there will an assurance that the visitors and family members will less likely to slip or fall from it.
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If none of the rugs and runners mentioned above are what you are looking for, you may want to consider the outside of your house. Placing a steel gazebo over a huge colorful area rug and hanging some coordinating curtains to create a bright and unique sitting are in the garden is one of the trendiest thing on this summer. Having a large mat right outside of your door will put a boundary between the outside and inside of your house and it will not just keep your house from dirt but it also serves as a decoration.
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Having a hardwood floor, tilde floor or stoned floor, there are plenty of areas in your house that can be incorporated with carpets to improve space.