How To Easily Fix That Leaky Roof

For treatment of the roof, then we should check at least within a period of 3 months. What should we do in this routine checking roofs?

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Checks and routine maintenance the roof of the home include:


  • Cleaning the roof from dirt deposition of sand and moss that can lead to cracking and the roof. Also clean the gutters of trash and other debris, so that the flow of water when rain is not clogged.
  • Check the position of the tile. If there are tiles coming down or shift, then as soon as you fix back as the original position.
  • Make sure that the slope of the roof tiles of your home are appropriate. Ceramic tiles need a slope angle of about 30 degrees, while the asbestos took about 15 degrees. If this is not you watch carefully, rain and wind, could have entered through the gap tile. Tiles that are cracked, should be immediately replaced.
  • Also check the construction, if the condition is still a sturdy safe and has not been changed.

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How To Easily Fix That Leaky Roof

  • The first step to resolve the leaky roof is looking for the source of the leak. It is not as easy as jobs have imagined. Sometimes a fall of water droplets on the floor does not necessarily indicate where the source of the leak is located. Not applicable adage “where water droplets are, in atasnyalah there are sources of leaks”. The adage that we do not use in this case, even the first time I also know there is a saying like that. Sometimes the water that goes through the crack cracked tile or shift does not directly fall onto the floor, tetpi flows first along the ceiling or batten looking for – looking for opportunities, where there is a hole to drip onto the floor. So it could be the source of the leak last 2 meters of the location of water droplets onto the floor, then BEWARE!
  • Find the source of the leak at noon. Go up to the attic of your home by bringing illumination. Be – careful of the cable connection open. A good idea to turn off the electricity in your home by turning off the fuse while you fix your roof is leaking. Stroll the trail – the trail former water flow until you find the source of the leak.
  • Fixing a leak in the roof of the concrete, asbestos, or shingles due to hairline cracks, it can be done with the wire netting and waterproof. But part of larger cracks must be hollowed out and then plastered back.
  • Overcoming leaks in concrete dag can also plaster / coating section which we suspect is the source of the leak with cement. how:
    – We climbed to the top dag, give deep hole about – about 2 cm on cracking the concrete source of the leak.
    – Cleanse and moisturise in these areas, then apply glue along the concrete surface.
    – After half-dry, gap fill cracks with a mixture of new cement.
  • If the source of the leak is the sliding tile, then place the back as it should be. If for no tile is broken, then replace it with a new tile.
  • Do not forget to fix the ceiling damaged by exposure to water leaking. Do not let the damp ceiling, because it could cause more damage fatal, such as the collapse of the ceiling.
  • To reduce heat absorption and reduce damage due to rain, the aluminum foil with a size of 1-2 mm can be used as a coating between the ceiling and roof tiles.