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The Revival of the Moroccan Berber Rug

Traditional Berber rugs are very popular right now in interior design and home decorating, but what makes a rug a Berber rug?

There are very specific rules about how Berber rugs can be made, many of which date back centuries to the original weaving process used by the Berbers of what is now Morocco.

Nowadays, though there are many examples of mass produced “Berber carpets”, they aren’t true Berber rugs. Rather, they are given the name due to their “loop construction”, which looks similar to the traditional weaving techniques utilized by Berber rug makers.


A true Berber rug is made of wool, with lighter wool forming the background and patterns made of darker wool woven directly into the rug. In order to tell if you are obtaining a real Berber rug, check the bottom for a red wax seal, which denotes both quality and authenticity.

Because they are hand woven …