Bamboo Flooring Strand Woven

There are numerous fantastic flooring choices out there to you that will probably be perfect in your residence. Freshly lower bamboo has the added advantage of offering high-high quality flooring material. It was then that Doug Lewis, the founder of bamboo hardwoods, moved to Vietnam to set up a factory producing bamboo flooring. Over the years, the bamboo market in Vietnam has grown, and plenty of traders are joining the bamboo flooring market. Bamboo flooring needs to be cleaned immediately when there’s any spillage or stains.

Various companies in Vietnam are employed within the manufacturing and exporting of bamboo flooring. The manufacturing process consists of numerous steps, starting with the slicing of freshly cut bamboo shoots into strips. To protect the flooring from pests, it’s treated with a preservative either before or after lamination. Bamboo flooring is obtainable mainly in two shades: pure and carbonized or amber colour. The darker shade (caramelized) is obtained by the extended stress heating of bamboo. The shade of bamboo flooring would possibly differ with totally different companies, and it’s obtainable as single-layer and double-layer bamboo flooring.

High export-quality bamboo flooring from Vietnam displays hardness, brightness, and freshness and is now one of the favored types of flooring. Whereas hardwood flooring requires many years to grow before it is harvested, bamboo is a way more time-environment friendly possibility since it can be prepared for harvesting in only a yr or two.

One of the principal considerations that include choosing any materials for use for flooring in a sunroom is how the daylight can affect it. In keeping with SF Gate , hardwood flooring can lighten considerably on account of exposure to the solar- one thing which you can keep away from completely by getting bamboo flooring as an alternative. Although bamboo flooring is extra inexpensive than hardwood, it’s still important that you simply contemplate the costs concerned.

With how a lot easier it’s to get bamboo to be produced into flooring, you may really feel good figuring out that it has less of an impact on the surroundings and will probably be a superb fit in homes with eco-pleasant options all through. Whereas the cost of new bamboo floors can range vastly based mostly on where you reside and the size of the sunroom, you’ll be able to expect the common cost of $1250 for a 16×sixteen room.